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When a serious injury accident or a wrongful death accident disrupts your life and the life of your family, you find out how difficult and frustrating it is to try to get compensation for a California personal injury claim or wrongful death claim from insurance companies and governmental agencies. The legal world is complex and impersonal.  In these circumstances, the compassion, experience, knowledge and insight of California personal injury attorney, David Lopez, can help you and your family.  In most cases, the insurance company or government agency responsible for your loss will not offer you a full and fair settlement of your claim.  They will require you to jump through the hoops of their confusing claims process while you and your family struggle to handle the medical, emotional, and financial challenges that result from a serious personal injury accident or wrongful death accident. In these circumstances, you need a California personal injury lawyer on your side. David Lopez understands the challenges and difficulties you are facing and has the experience, intelligence, determination and integrity to help you and your family obtain the result you need through the legal system.

Brain Injury and Head Injury

Brain trauma results in lifelong challenges for the brain-injured person and his or her family. Brain injuries may show only minor indications immediately following an injury. However, brain injury and closed head injury can result in significant changes to personality, memory, the ability to make decisions, the ability to manage money, the ability to work, and the ability to manage day-to-day functions, tasks and activities. Brain-injured persons can become impulsive, moody, or quick to be angry. Brain injury can cause dramatic emotional, mental and physical changes. Brain injury can cause the loss of the ability to speak, understand, walk, and handle even minor tasks. Brain injury can also cause death.

Government Property Accidents, Government Vehicle Accidents, Government Liability

Legal claims against government agencies are difficult because the set of laws involved are biased to protect the governmental entity. This complex set of laws works to the disadvantage of the person injured by the wrongful acts of government employees, negligent operation of a government vehicle, or by a dangerous condition of public property. The law of government liability in California, namely, the Government Tort Claims Act, has claims procedures that must be followed scrupulously and immunities that the government will attempt to use to to eliminate a person's claim and have it rejected from court, even when the facts show wrongful acts by the government or government employees, or dangerous public property. The Federal Tort Claims Act provides the same type of protection to the Federal government for personal injury and wrongful death claims against the Federal Government.

Dangerous Roads Attorney, Dangerous Highways Attorney, Dangerous Condition Attorney

Experienced California Dangerous Roads, Dangerous Highways, and Dangerous Condition Attorney Serving Clients Throughout California. 

The condition of dangerous roads often contribute to vehicle accidents, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and bus accidents. There can be, and often is, more than one cause of a serious injury accident or wrongful death accident.  Brain injury accidents, spine injury accidents and wrongful death accidents often involve dangerous highways, dangerous freeways, dangerous streets or dangerous roads and conditions that are not apparent to people.

Experienced California and San Diego Eminent Domain Attorney

Experienced California Eminent Domain Attorney Serving Clients Throughout California.

Attorney David J. Lopez served as a lead trial lawyer for more than 20 years with the California Department of Transportation handling the most challenging eminent domain and condemnation lawsuits, including freeway projects, such as the 91 Freeway Project in Riverside County, the 805 Freeway Project in San Diego County, highway projects, street projects, interchange projects such as the 91 Freeway and Interstate 15 interchange in Riverside County, intersection projects, light rail projects such as the San Bernardino Light Rail Project or the Redlands Light Rail Project in San Bernardino County, rail projects, high-speed rail projects, water projects, sewer and storm water projects, school and university projects, utility and energy projects, such as the Sunrise Power Link Project, and government facility projects, such as Port of Entry projects or government buildings and complexes.

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